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Welcome to the website for the Upcoming Book "Decline of Adults"

Coming Summer of 2018
This shocking & significant book describes the "Decline of Adults" which will change society forever.  

Dr. David G. Vequist IV Professor, Researcher, Author, Speaker, and Consultant (below)

About The Book

The Impacts on Society

As many begin to turn away from historical principles of adulthood- societies could potentially become more chaotic and less cohesive leading to more social strife.

The Impacts on Business

Businesses are already finding it hard enough to recruit and retain good people. This book highlights how the "Decline of Adults" could lead to higher human capital costs, less successful decision-making by employees and the dreaded 'leadership' cliff for unprepared organizations.

How to Change the Future

Advice for parents and future leaders on how to grow and build up skills that will allow the 'real' adults to not only survive but thrive in a world that has fewer mature people.

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The Author

Dr. Vequist is a professor, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, speaker and author who has been featured in numerous media channels around the world including the NY Times, AP, Reuters, AARP Magazine, Consumer’s Digest, Voice of America, and various radio & television programs. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, countries and now is launching one of his most controversial projects: highlighting the “Decline of Adults” and how it will impact society and businesses.

Decline of Adults

San Antonio, Texas, United States

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Book Available Summer 2018

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